Adult Spiritual Growth Groups

Adult Spiritual Growth Groups (ASG Groups) at Trillium are dedicated to adult spiritual growth and community outreach as an extension of Trillium’s mission: “To awaken the Christ-light in each other and shine it in the world.”

Groups are continually forming for periods of 6-10 weeks around a common activity, interest or task. Whatever the activity or interest, a portion of meeting is devoted to spiritual study or worship. Participants in Trillium ASG Groups gain new insights into themselves, life and their life with God. Groups have outreach projects such as fundraising, environmental projects and supporting various local community groups. ASG Groups groups have formed around a wide variety of activities including: Yoga, Zumba, Photography, Nutrition, Walking, Music, Meditation, Energy Healing, Coaching Kids, Alpha courses, and book studies e.g. “The Complaint Free World.” 

The ASG Group Coordination Team welcomes your comments and feedback. Chairperson: Selma Webster. Please direct inquiries to the church office 519-653-6601 or email: