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Mark Rutledge

Mark started adult life desiring to be a rock musician. Influenced by the bands Led Zepplin and Yes he garnered an eclectic musical education culminating in a degree in music from the University of Toronto. During those years he played in several bands and started leading music in a Lutheran Church. By the early 90s he felt a deeper call to serve God and in 1995 he began studying for ministry in the United Church of Canada. Part of his training sent him to internships in rural Alberta and Ontario. In 2000 Mark was ordained and posted to Teeswater United Church (just outside of Walkerton) where he served two rural congregations. In 2003 Mark moved to the Ebenezer Pastoral Charge where he served three semi-rural congregations (Ebenezer, Arkell and Eden Mills) at the edge of Guelph, Ontario. In the fall of 2006, Mark accepted a call to Trillium United Church in Cambridge, Ontario. Alongside his work Mark recently got married to Sally White in the spring of 2014. Mark has one daughter, two step-daughters and two step sons to love and care for and a yearning to be a positive force in his community.

You can contact Mark at or 519-841-8333.