Our Faith

Trillium's basic faith perspective is built around 9 Bedrock Beliefs.

Trillium Bedrock Beliefs

Through Jesus Our Saviour, we believe

God’s Love: Unconditional

God’s Power: Miraculous

God's Vision: Peace

God's Grace: Forgiveness

God's Assurance: Hope

God's Ways: Mysterious

God's Help Line: Prayer

God’s Promise: We Are Not Alone

God's Hands: Us!


Trillium emphasizes the biblical understanding that God is Love and only Love.  There is no judgement or condemnation in perfect love. As creatures made in the divine image human beings share the divine nature of God which is love.  Our task in life is to become reacquainted with this deep truth about ourselves as Children of God and to embrace our divine nature.  We believe that Jesus constantly invites us to share in the great mission of awakening people to the truth of their divine identity and inheritance.