Mission, Beliefs, Values and Vision

The identity of Trillium is rooted in a sense of purpose (mission) and lived out through a set of Bedrock Beliefs and Core Values. The Mission, Beliefs and Values were discerned through studying the life of Jesus. The Vision comes as the mission, beliefs and values are lived out. 

Trillium Mission

To awaken the Christ Light in each other
and shine it in the world!


Trillium Bedrock Beliefs

Through Jesus Christ Our Saviour, we believe:

God’s Love: Unconditional
God’s Power: Miraculous
God’s Vision: Peace
God’s Grace: Forgiveness
God’s Assurance: Hope
God’s Ways: Mysterious
God’s Help Line: Prayer
God’s Promise: We Are Not Alone
God’s Hands: Us!

Trillium Core Values

Offer friendship and fellowship to all
Joyfully engage in regular spiritual practice
Uphold honesty and integrity
Reach out and serve others with kindness
Care for all the earth and all creation
Give generously of our time and talent
Seek and give forgiveness
Embrace diversity
Speak out for justice

Trillium Vision

Faith in Bloom
Growing, Thriving, Serving
together in Christ