About Us

Trillium is a progressive, open hearted Christian community that embraces the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century. The worship style is informal and relaxed. The music is upbeat and contemporary. The spiritual focus is on celebrating God as a God of love. The old religion of fear and punishment is long gone at Trillium.

The church embraces the best of technology without being overpowered by it. The emphasis on human warmth and genuine care for each other is seen as an essential feature of our identity as followers of Jesus Christ. We embrace the diversity of people. We are not looking for carbon copies of ourselves. Gay or straight, white, black or brown. Hey, people of different religions or even no religion are welcome to join us in celebrating life.

We believe that people are inherently good. That we are made in the Divine Image. Some how we fall asleep to this truth. But we can wake up again. We know we can. Some of us are even awakening as you read this. Come join us. Be awake to yourself, to your neighbour, to God. This is the life all of us are meant to live!