Mark Rutledge

Mark started adult life desiring to be a rock musician. Influenced by the bands Led Zepplin and Yes Mark garnered an eclectic musical education culminating in a degree in music from the University of Toronto. During those years Mark played in several bands and started leading music in several church congregations in Southern Ontario. By the early 90s Mark felt a deeper call to serve God and in 1995 began studying for ministry in the United Church of Canada. Part of Mark's training sent him to internships in rural Alberta and Ontario. In 2000 Mark was ordained and posted to Teeswater United Church (just outside of Walkerton) where he served two rural congregations. In 2003 Mark moved to the Ebenezer Pastoral Charge where he served three semi-rural congregations (Ebenezer, Arkell and Eden Mills) at the edge of Guelph, Ontario. In the fall of 2006, Mark accepted a call to Trillium United Church in Cambridge, Ontario. Mark is married to Sally White and has several children and step children. Mark longs to be a witness to Jesus Christ by being a positive force for love in his community. 

You can contact Mark at email or 519-841-8333.

Heather Margerison
Children and Youth Pastor

Heather grew up in the Presbyterian Church. During her youth she was introduced to the United Church through a joint youth group of the Presbyterian and United Churches (she has been a member of the U.C.C. for 40 years) in her home community. She has worked extensively with children and youth throughout her careers recreation and early childhood education. Heather has a proven track record working with children, youth and families in the Church and in the wider community. She first began her work as a young Sunday School teacher and has worked with Youth Groups and children for more than 35 years. She is a self-starter and an excellent team player. Her personal faith is solid and she carries acceptance and support for those who are on their own spiritual journey. She personifies energy, passion, leadership and vision. 

Jason White
Music Director

Jason is active at the forefront of musical and interdisciplinary art-making in Waterloo Region. He is seen regularly at The Jazz Room, commissions new works from composers around the world, and freelances as a composer for various theatrical projects. A very active pedagogue, Jason coaches jazz, opera, musical theatre, and chamber music. His redesign of the Waterloo Jazz Festival's education program has made it one of the most sought-after youth programs in Ontario, drawing participants from Toronto and beyond. He performs regularly with several area orchestras and frequently performs in support of charitable causes.  Jason maintains a busy private studio and adjudicates competitions across the country. He is an adjunct professor of Community Music at Wilfrid Laurier University.  For more information, go to

Sally White
Parish Nurse
A Parish Nurse for body and soul!
Jo-Anne Hennig
Office Administrator

Jo-Anne has spent her life volunteering in her local community. The value in giving back to society is very important to her and working at Trillium is a perfect fit. Besides enjoying the daily challenges, Jo-Anne also appreciates her work colleagues and the many volunteers as well as the congregational members and the public in general that she is in contact with.

 Jo-Anne discovered Trillium through community outreach groups that the church has offered. She enjoys getting out in the community and meeting people from all walks of life. Jo-Anne also embraces life-long learning and takes online courses to keep her mind open to new possibilities and learning new information and skills. If you’ve met Jo-Anne, then you’ve probably been charmed by her sidekick, Max – her companion dog - whom she takes to visit seniors on a regular basis. 

Anytime you have a question or concern, feel free to approach Jo-Anne. She is here for you!

Steve Vargas


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